Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Now in Open Beta

Orcs must die games  are tower / hero defense games – where you build traps and minions, whilst equipping yourself with weapons and trinkets; to hold off waves of orcs and other creatures!

Open Beta is from March 29th to April 13th.

  • Now free-to-play, complete with cash shop options and a LoL-style launcher

  • Because of this, you can craft traps, weapons, upgrades etc using a resource but there is also a cash option to acquire things faster EDIT NOTE: it seems like potentially the only way to buy resources is through the luck of acquiring them in a chest you buy? See below, need experienced beta players to confirm.

  • Multiple heroes are now available as opposed to the 2 previously, all with different skills and traits
  • Many of the same traps are available with a few twists and new ones
  • As above for the orc attackers
  • 2 Modes, Survival now has 1-5 players as opposed to 1-2; and Siege is 5 vs 5
  • Different graphics style and engine
  • ‘Deck’ system in place of previous loadout book
  • Combos now help to build your ‘unchained’ meter faster, which is like a DPS buff/cooldown




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