Movie Recommendation: Fracture(2007)


It’s time for a movie recommendation for the folks looking for a decent film to watch. Directed by Gregory Hoblit, the guy who directed Primal Fear(one of my favorite courtroom dramas), comes the movie Fracture.

It is literally impossible to describe in words how baffled and immersed I was while watching the movie. But I can explain the awesomeness of this film in one name: Anthony Hopkins. The genius actor who knew for sure what kind of acting was needed to make this film one of the finest courtroom drama thrillers. And trust me folks, this actually is a thriller.

Story is something like this: Ted (Anthony Hopkins) tries to kill his wife, gets caught and is prosecuted by Willy Beachum(Ryan Gosling). But as it turns out, Ted has some really nice tricks up his sleeve which leaves Beachum in a state of frustration. It obviously creates problems for Beachum as he is switching jobs and a case like this could affect his reputation.

Fracture is an extremely well made movie with just the right characters. As a lawyer, Ryan Gosling’s character does a pretty good job at realistically portraying lawyers. As we all know the legend Anthony Hopkins, there are not sufficient words to describe how gruesome, intimidating, subtle and eeevillllll he looked and sounded in the movie. And his character makes you wonder many times if you’re on the right side or wrong.

Also, the beautiful Rosamund Pike who played the role of Nik, Beachum’s new boss, added to the overall presentation of the film. Overall, I would say, Fracture is a great thriller with brilliant characters, good pace, very interesting story, intelligent direction and keeps you glued to the screen. Must watch. 7.5/10


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