Fallout 4’s New “Survival Mode” is on its way.

In the past we have been introduced with survival modes on Fallout games, in these modes everything matters, how we sleep, what we eat and drink and when does the game save and how to save it, it’s not easy at all and players usually avoid it because of its difficulty but for some it is a true challenge they want to take on, Fallout 4 has been missing a survival mode but Bethesda confirms it will be arriving soon and with better features and some which we are familiar with from the past Fallout games. You can try out the Survival mode Beta if you have it on steam today!

Some of the noticeable survival features are

  • Saving with Sleep
  • No more fast travel
  • Increased Lethality
  • Facing the unknown
  • Adrenaline
  • Wellness – Exhaustion, Thirst, Hunger
  • Fatigue

The game is going to be harder on decision making factors as well and won’t be simple as we have enjoyed rushing and killing all our enemies like before, a true survival mode true to its roots.

You can read more detailed information on Bethesda.net.



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